CNC Plasma Cutting Table

The robotic CNC plasma cutting table is used to precision cut sheet metal. They are especially useful in mass production. Used with its control software, it provides an operator with a variety of helpful features. It is easy to maintain, and relatively easy to operate too. Here are some of its important and helpful features:

  • Using the gears and changing the speed of operation, you can get accurate motion in any horizontal direction
  • It has lightweight parts that can control the motion of the machine as required; these also allow for precise cutting at any speed
  • Some CNC plasma cutting tables can be adjusted for height
  • It can be used for repetitive tasks, producing high quality work at a fast rate and with little supervision

Specifications of the CNC Plasma Cutting Table

The plasma cam CNC plasma cutting table has a cutting area of size 4ft x 4ft. It can cut sheets that are of sizes 4ft x 8ft or 4ft x 10ft. However, the machine can cut metal images that are much longer – up to 20ft. Go here for a refresher on CNC plasma cutting and CNC plasma cutters.

The table requires power with 3amp current for proper operation. The weight of the table is about 300 pounds. The dimensions of the table are about 64 inches wide x 60 inches deep x 90 inches high. The table surface itself is 33 inches high where plasma cam is installed. This table with its plasma machine is much more accurate and precise than just hand-held plasma machines. That is because fixing the machine at one point means that its body and nozzle are not prone to small jerking movements (a symptom of drinking too much coffee or energy drinks). That improves precision of its operation.

For the Samson CNC plasma cutting table, the cutting speeds available are up to 1000 inches per minute. It can cut 10 ft x 5 ft sheets, one inch thick. This system has been designed for projects involving mass-production and large-scale fabrication projects.

The Control System of the Plasma Cutting Table

Every manufacturer has their own control and software system designed to work with their plasma cutting table. The computer software what will control the movement of the plasma cutter arc, and as such is an critical part of the total system. These systems can open the doors to unique business opportunities, by giving you capabilities that are not available elsewhere. These capabilities will allow you to offer specialty products as part of your services.

The plasma cutting table software system allows for repetition of common tasks. You can save a particular cutting sequence to a file for later use. This is great for mass production, which means that each and every copy that is cut will be done with the same quality and accuracy as the first. You can also schedule the table to start and stop at particular times. This allows control where by the machines can be stopped and started in conjunction with lunch breaks.

Advantages of using CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

Small businesses can now take advantage of increased productivity and reduced production costs. The plasma cutting tables can allow a company to use every available inch of sheet metal with minimal waste. This can drastically cut material costs for the company. If you are a small business owner you know that this cut in costs means a direct increase in profits.

Contact a welding shop near you to ask any questions you have about CNC plasma cutting tables . This way you will get you even more information about plasma cutting tables, especially about specific makes of tables. They will also be sure to tell you about even more advantages and features each brand of plasma cutting table offers.