Miller Spectrum 375

The Miller Spectrum 375 is one of the most popular plasma cutters in the world. It dominates the “everyday use” market, so it is most often found in small- to medium-sized workshops. It is so popular because it has certain specifications that make it ultra productive. The Spectrum 375 has an electronic pilot light so it can cut without having to use the arc cutter. This option increases the life of the plasma cutter consumables and it increases the cutting rate which in turn, increases productivity. Another way this unit protects consumables is through continued gas (air) circulation around the nozzle after cutting has stopped (also known as post-flow cooling).

An LED display gives you visual indications of the current, power, temperature, and air pressure. This is allows you a quick assessment of the cutting efficiency at that instant and allows you to troubleshoot any problems that you may be encountering and fix them right away. The Spectrum 375′s internal blowback feature filters out the high-frequencyelectromagnetic radiation created by plasma cutting arcs. This way, the sensitive computer equipment is protected. On that note, someone who has a pacemaker should never find themselves near welding or plasma cutting equipment of any kind. The electromagnetic radiation can cause pacemakers to malfunction (see additional plasma cutter safety tips).

The Spectrum 375 is designed to run on 230V or 115V AC (alternating current). However, this unit does have a safety feature that enables it to run at voltages as low as 98V while still providing a stable and clean cut. If you do not have the right power source in your workshop wiring you can always use a generator to run your machine. There are tons of options for you to research. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the voltage generated has to be the voltage required by your plasma cutting unit. If you are cutting at low intensity, the Miller Spectrum 375 saves power by automatically compensating for the lower power requirements for lower intensity cutting. If you do a lot of low intensity cutting this can save you big bucks in the long run. Here are some specifications that should interest you:

Miller Spectrum 375 Specifications:

  • Power input: 115-130V 1 Phase
  • Cutting Ability:
    • Rated: 3/8 inch (10 millimeter) to 5/16 inch (8 millimeter)
    • Quality: 1 /2 in (13mm) to 3/8 in (10mm)
    • Sever: 5/8 in (16mm) to 1 /2 in (13mm)
  • Compressor Requirement: 4.5 cubic feet per minute (CFM) (129L/min) at 90 pounds per square inch (PSI) (621 kPa)
  • Weight: 55 pounds (25kg) with torch

You will find that the Spectrum 375 is not only perfect for small- to medium-sized commercial workshops, but it is also great for a hobbyist. The power-saving features and long consumable life are easy on the pocketbook compared to other models. Even when the consumables are factored into the cost of this unit it is still more economical than regular gas torches. Some places that would make a good home for a Spectrum 375 are auto repair and body shops, light industrial fabrication, industrial or school maintenance, teaching schools, and a home workshop.

You can buy a Miller Spectrum 375 through mail-order, wholesale outlets, retail stores, and online. For a new Spectrum 375 expect to spend at least $1,200; a used one will run you between $500 and $700.

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